Judith R. Pike recognized as one of Boston's Best Lawyers
By Boston Magazine, October 2002 

Real Estate: Judith R. Pike, Wellesley

"A refugee from a big Boston firm, Pike . . . set up her solo shop . . .  and loves the personal relationships she develops with clients. “When they call, they either get me answering myself or I call back in a short period of time,” she says. Many of her clients are referred from big firms that don't do residential real estate but know buyers will benefit from Pike's common sense. [781-237-2727]".
Boston Magazine —
Boston is the indisputable birthplace of the Celebrity Lawyer. This is, after all, a city with a disproportionate number of high-powered law firms and three law schools in the top 25, including, arguably, the very best.

We wanted to find the best lawyers in Boston who represent typical people with typical legal needs. We selected 10 categories of consumer law: criminal defense, personal injury, family/divorce, startup companies, employment, real estate, bankruptcy, estate planning, intellectual property, and entertainment and media law. The lawyers listed here are all in private practice, except for one public defender. We did not include government lawyers or lawyers at big firms whose clients are mainly corporations.
We interviewed hundreds of lawyers, judges, clients, and others in the legal system, and asked them these kinds of questions: If your brother were charged with a serious crime, who would you want to represent him? If your best friend were buying a house, where would you send her for the legal work? What if your neighbor needed a will written, or was thinking about filing for bankruptcy, or had a valuable, groundbreaking invention and needed a patent lawyer?

Our sources were remarkably candid with us. They told us which attorneys they think are the best and which are past their prime. Which deserve their golden reputations and which don't. Which are popular with other lawyers but rude to, or neglectful of, their clients.

The lawyers listed here meet three criteria: They're very good at what they do. They're ethical. And they meet that elusive third measure of quality, customer satisfaction. More than mere technicians, they're counselors who care.

Judith R Pike Attorney at Law: "Judith is an intelligent thinker, an incredible listener, extremely insightful and logical, service-oriented and she truly understands the law. I have referred her to many of my clients to represent them when they are buying or selling a residential property. She also created my LLC when I started my new company. I see her as one of the most capable lawyers in greater Boston." – Susan Liberman, principal at Karp, Liberman & Kern Sotheby's International Realty

Judith Pike selected as one of Top 10 Lawyers by Women’s Business Boston